Wednesday, 09 October 2019 11:37

A Career from Numbers to Letters

A Career from Numbers to Letters

After 28 years working in the banking industry with the same employer (two things here: yes I am that old and yes, 28 years with the same employer is a bit of a rarity these days!); it was very scary walking out on my last day into the exciting workplace beyond!

After a spell with a start-up company specialising in high voltage electrical engineering, I joined AAB, a move back into more familiar territory: professional services, clients, development, and so on.

After 3 years working within the Payroll and Employment Taxes team, 18 months ago I took on the new role of Information Security Manager. I’ve read many Life at AAB blogs where people say no 2 days are the same and whilst that is true in my role there is a common thread – Risk, and Compliance.

On any given day in Data Protection and Information Security I could be helping departments complete client/prospective client questionnaires – ranging from 20 to 400 questions, responding to reports of data incidents or managing training and raising awareness. I could also be reviewing or writing policies, managing annual external Audits – Payroll, ISO 27001 or reviewing our suppliers’ Data Protection or Information Security provisions.

Recently I took on the role of Deputy Anti Money Laundering Officer, again something which brings me into contact with all departments on a weekly, if not daily basis. This involves reviewing Medium or High-Risk Client verification and due diligence, considering and recording any suspicions colleagues may have regarding our client’s activities. I am also involved in reviewing and developing AML policies and processes fit for our Firm of the Future!

I love working on these compliance projects and I don’t just mean successfully completing them -   the amount of research and learning in specialist areas has been extremely enjoyable. Although I am settled into my role, compliance laws and requirements are ever-evolving; keeping me on my toes and proving every day is different to the last.

Every day’s a school day they say – I would certainly agree with that!


Karen Stevenson, Information Security Manager