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Top tips for placement - how to get the most out of your experience

Top tips for placement - how to get the most out of your experience

After school, I decided to attend Robert Gordon University to complete the next stage of my educational journey. One of the main factors in my decision to attend this university was the inclusion of a placement year as part of my four years where I would be studying Accounting and Finance.

When I was considering my options for the placement year, I attended an information evening that Anderson, Anderson & Brown held and thought it provided a great insight into the company, its people and how they operate. The Partners right through to graduates that were in attendance were welcoming, friendly and open to questions which made the evening a lot less daunting than I was expecting.

The great thing about a placement at Anderson, Anderson & Brown is the opportunity to have your placement year split between different departments giving you the chance to experience and work in more than one environment. Although the departments work closely together it was refreshing to see a different perspective on delivering awesome service to the client.

My first 6 months were spent within the Integrated Employment Solutions or IES for short. The first few weeks were full-on - adapting to my first full-time job, new computer systems to get used to and a whole host of new faces. The variety of services that IES provide allowed me to experience a wide range of different tasks and no day was the same. I was surprised with the amount of chargeable work I was receiving which I found highly motivating.

My final 6 months were spent within the Audit department. This involved going out in small teams to the client’s premises and engaging more directly with the client. The first few weeks again involved getting used to new computer systems and new processes. And although I was effectively joining a new department it hadn’t felt like it as I had gotten to know a lot of the Audit team through my time in IES.

My advice to those applying, thinking of applying or already applied would be to make the most of the placement information evening held at the office. This is a great way to find out more about the company. Also, to be prepared to consume a lot of information in your first few weeks. To get along to the many social events that AAB hold. These are a great way to get to know your colleagues on a more personal basis rather than just professional.

My placement year at Anderson, Anderson & Brown was full of learning experiences that you are unable to gain from University and if you are considering applying for a placement, I would highly recommend pressing send on that application form.  

Andreas Mitchell, Audit Assistant.