Friday, 16 August 2019 11:35

Why Choose a Career in Payroll?

For nearly 20 years I have worked within the payroll industry and I don’t think during this time that I have ever had a day which was the same as any other. Until a few years ago I had never met a payroll professional who started their working lives wanting to get into payroll and if you ask the majority of payroll specialists you will find they just “fell” into payroll. Times are now changing and payroll is a profession that is now more recognised than ever before.

I was at university looking for a business to employ me for my placement year whilst studying Business Management. With lots of varying positions open to me to apply for I decided to pursue a placement year as a payroll trainee within a payroll bureau.  Looking back all those years ago, I would be honest in saying I actually didn’t fully understand or appreciate the opportunities and challenges that I would be faced with when entering into the payroll profession. Even to this day I still come across people who think that processing a payroll is done with the click of a button but this is definitely a myth!

Over the years the payroll industry has had many challenges to overcome. With continual changes to legislation, flexible working arrangements, GDPR, National Minimum wage, salary exchange, payrolling of benefits and auto enrolment to name just a few, not many people will disagree that Payroll is complex… Working in payroll is definitely a constant learning curve and from my experiences of only ever having worked within a bureau means my day to day environment is always fast paced. Payroll is an integral part of any business and working within a bureau environment gives you the responsibility of working with a number of businesses all with the goal of getting their employees paid accurately and on time! There are a various number of specialist areas within payroll giving you the opportunity for career growth. Throughout my career I have progressed from trainee through to Senior Manager level. If you are willing to put in the effort there really is no end of opportunities for you to grow and develop within the industry.

Throughout my career I have had many opportunities to expand my knowledge and have completed a number of qualifications within payroll. In 2018 I decided to put my head back in the books and after months of studying and report writing I successfully achieved my Diploma in Payroll Management. It was a thought going back to studying after many years away from it, especially with a day job, but the satisfaction at the end when I achieved my diploma in Payroll Management was very rewarding. The next step is achieving my Chartered Status in payroll. It is great that the payroll industry is now recognised as a profession not just a job!

I have worked for AAB for over six years and have been involved in numerous varying projects. Some of the projects I have been part of within recent months is the implementation of complex multi-country payrolls. This has allowed me to establish great working relationships across many clients and allows me to support them in times where employers are facing challenges of keeping on top of the continually changing legislation. By working with my clients to understand the current obstacles they face I can support in being able to advise the most efficient way for them to operate their payroll from data capture through to actually paying their employees. Witnessing the positive impact that myself and the team at AAB can bring to our clients makes you always look forward to the next project.

Payroll has become a very dynamic industry and there are always new and exciting challenges to overcome. Technology will play an even bigger part in payroll which is operated within a bureau environment in the coming years and this will definitely change the approach in how payroll professionals tackle their day to day responsibilities. Change is always good and I look forward to embracing the further challenges that await myself and the payroll profession!

Katy Christiansen, Payroll Senior Manager