Wednesday, 31 July 2019 08:00

Making the most of a new opportunity

My journey in taxation services only began just over a year ago at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP when I made my move back to the UK after a long 28 years of living overseas. 

After having built years of experience in Business Development, starting a career in taxation services felt both risky to go through a complete career change in my late 20s and nerve-wrecking given that tax was an industry completely foreign to me. Furthermore, a career in tax was always perceived as ‘boring’ and consisted of sheer number-crunching which wasn’t something that I was particularly strong at.

However, I decided to take the plunge and accepted the position in the Payroll and Employment taxes department here at AAB last summer and have not regretted the decision since.

I have already been heavily involved with a range of different projects for both UK as well as overseas compliance and have never ‘taken the back seat’ as the newbie, but rather, have been placed in the front line of work, and directly communicating and building relationships with clients from all over the world.

Contrary to my initial beliefs about what working in tax would be like, it is a dynamic and fast-paced industry, especially in our department as the pieces of work that we deal with differ day in and day out. Every day has become a school day as I am presented with new challenges on a daily basis. However, this is not only for myself, but for each member of the team due to the need for keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing UK legislation as well as the laws in the numerous countries that our clients work in.

Despite starting “late in the game”, it was refreshing to had have tackled something new, and in fact, I have met several individuals that were in a similar situation as myself with differing academic or professional backgrounds that are now successful practioners in the financial services industry. "It's never too late" is what they had to told me and this I have now come to also understand myself - "it's about what you make of the opportunities and challenges you are faced with that count".

There is so much potential for growth and experiences to gain in this role which has motivated me to take on my tax qualification exams to further my career here at AAB. I look forward to the journey full of opportunities that lies ahead of me.

Jennifer Richardson, Global Employment Tax Advisor