Wednesday, 24 July 2019 07:48

Career developement at AAB

Career developement at AAB

As I sit down to write this blog, the main aspects of my AAB experience that spring to mind so far are, my own personal development and the constant opportunities that the firm presents. Having started as a graduate trainee almost 3 years ago, my role within the audit department has continually evolved, as I myself, learn and progress.

Self-development is high on the list of priorities at the firm. Which for me, has resulted in a stimulating work load and an increase in responsibility within the audit process as my experience has grown. My initial role of performing basic audit work as a trainee, has now developed into an audit senior role. A position which involves onsite audit work, but also the chance to lead teams, report directly to managers, and be engaged within the planning and completion stages of the audit. All aspects which I find extremely fulfilling.

This progression has only been achievable for me with the combination of relevant audit experience, supportive team members, and finally opportunities that allow thorough development – all vital for any new trainee!

In terms of audit experience, one of the most enjoyable parts of working in audit, is the client interaction that it generates. Being part of the onsite audit team, has allowed me to further understand my clients on an operational level, and get to know them on a personal level too. With various clients, this makes my day-to-day work interesting, and ultimately, this client contact has hugely increased my own confidence and knowledge base.

Working in audit effectively, requires teamwork, if nothing else but to perform the work as efficiently as possible. However, working as a team, also creates a supportive environment which all members of the department can benefit from, whether that be when learning something new or to get a job across the line. Being part of a team in this way, is an aspect of my role that I find particularly fulfilling and rewarding.

In addition to the above points, I am fortunate to say that so far during my time at AAB, I have been provided with numerous opportunities. And earlier in the year I was offered an audit secondment in London. This experience was invaluable, as it provided the opportunity for me to work on different clients and give me a new perspective on how audits operate in another firm, which was all very beneficial.

As I reflect on the above, I am now looking forward to seeing what other opportunities I will be exposed too as my AAB role develops further.

Aimee Margrove, Audit Advisor