Tuesday, 09 July 2019 15:17

More than Words

“Just do it”. A famous sports companies advertising slogan, and also the words that used to be shown on the former AAB managing partners office wall. But these were more than just words, he wanted actions based around this phrase. How can we improve our client service ? How could we all do better tomorrow ? were just some of the questions he used to ask.

As our business developed the words that are now shown on the walls at our Aberdeen office outline the “AAB Plus Factor”, namely:

  • We’ll help make you money
  • We’ll help save you time
  • We’ll give you peace of mind
  • We’ll support you now and in the future

Again, these are more than words on a wall. When we take this approach to supporting our client’s ambitions in line with the AAB plus factor, the successful results can be significant.

I joined AAB 13 years ago, when the firm totalled 80 people and was based at a rather quirky building in Carden place. Since then there has been a relentless strive for excellence across the firm. Nothing stands still at AAB. In my new role as Tax Director, this has meant me being heavily involved in the recent creation of our Business Advisory Group.

It became clear to us that in order to provide the best service possible to our owner managed business clients we should provide an even more “joined up” approach. We therefore merged our traditional Accounting Services, Corporate Tax and Personal Tax teams. In addition, we created two new teams in terms of our Cloud Accounting offering and our Virtual Finance Function.

The result ? We now have an experienced team of around fifty individuals in our Business Advisory Group, with years of expertise that can provide a whole range of genuine business advice in order to help our clients:

  • Maximise business performance
  • Minimise tax liabilities
  • Protect personal and business interests
  • Take care of all compliance obligations
  • Build a more profitable business

Providing all these services all from one team fits perfectly in line with our plus factor, and supports our clients ambitions, whatever they may be !

To be involved in the leadership of this large multiskilled team is very rewarding, and does re-enforce the AAB ethos that actions speak louder than words when it comes to improving our own business, and the service we provide to our clients.

Stuart Petrie, Director