Wednesday, 12 June 2019 08:02

My first day - Expectations vs Reality

Looking back at my first day, having worked at AAB for over 9 months now, it’s laughable the thoughts that were going through my head.

I was offered a job within the Corporation Tax team at the beginning of July; a little over a month before my first day. As you would expect I was delighted to be taken on and eager to begin work, with a slight apprehension of what was to come. As the month progressed, the nerves started to creep in. “Was I good enough for this role?”, “What would people think of me?”, were among the questions bouncing around my head.

I think it’s common to feel underprepared for your first day; whether you have a lot of experience or very little like myself. At university I was only exposed to one tax module throughout the four years; and although I excelled in it, I felt my knowledge would be lacking. I didn’t know what work I would take on during my first day, but I was pretty sure I would be out my depths.

As I arrived at the office I quickly realised my nerves were for nothing. AAB have a very informative induction week which all new graduates and placement students undertake. It involves a brief introduction and presentation from all the departments to gain an insight into how the company operate. This was very interesting to understand what each department does and how they all tie together.

The induction week also factors in plenty time to get to know the other graduates, as well as employees whom have worked there for a while. It was great having graduates who had done a placement year at AAB starting with us, as they could provide further insight into the company and help us to find our feet.

At the end of my first day I was exhausted. We hadn’t been required to do any work but the whole experience had taken it out of me. I still remember getting home, kicking off my shoes and collapsing onto my bed. It was a strange feeling because I was tired and wanted to relax but was also eager for my next day, to continue my professional career at AAB.

Euan Inglis, Corporate Tax Graduate Trainee