Tuesday, 05 February 2019 09:45

6 Months as a Marketing Placement Student at AAB

Third year at RGU is widely known as “Placement year”. The pressure to write a perfect CV and covering letter, and to interview to the best of your ability in order to secure a placement is immense. All while concentrating on the current semesters workload and upcoming exams. While applying for placement, I knew it was a purely marketing based role I wanted. I was eager to put the past 2 years of learning at University into practice, and gain practical experience within a professional, fast paced environment. So, once I read the job specification for AAB’s Marketing role, I applied straight away.

Upon starting at AAB in August after successfully being offered the position, I found out that my role in Marketing encompasses so much more than I could have imagined! While my main responsibilities revolve around the firms social media activity and campaigns, email marketing, analytics and website maintenance, analysis and enhancement. On a wider scale, I get to work with individuals across the whole firm on so many different tasks and projects, where I can utilise and improve on my knowledge and understanding of Marketing, and Business Operations in general. This includes a LinkedIn usage project with the Business Development team that I am heavily involved in, ongoing Recruitment Campaigns with the HR Department and working as part of the firms Green Team. I have been fully incorporated and encouraged to feel like a valued member of the AAB family. The fun and friendly culture has been extremely welcoming, and had a huge impact on how quickly I was able to settle into my role.

Coming in as a placement student, I didn’t expect to have as much responsibility or freedom as I do within my role. I love being able, and trusted to lead my own projects and carry forward my ideas and opinions on the way we do things and see them being taken seriously and implemented within the firms marketing efforts. It is very validating and encouraging knowing my opinions and inputs are welcomed and respected by individuals with a lot more experience and knowledge than I currently ascertain. Not only am I able to implement what we have discussed in lectures and seminars at RGU, I am learning from experienced professionals and gaining hands on, invaluable experiences that are going to play a crucial role in my future.

The first 6 months of my placement at AAB have completely flown by, and I can already identify personal growth that is a direct reflection of the support I have been shown by my team and everyone I have worked with. Going forward I want to make the most of the next 6 months at AAB, and continue to learn, gain experience, and build a solid foundation for a successful future in a Marketing based role.

Danielle Elliott, Marketing Placement Student

We are currently recruiting for our 2019/20 RGU Marketing Placement Student, find out more information and apply via The Aberdeen Business School Placement office.