Tuesday, 08 January 2019 11:30

My first 8 weeks on placement at AAB

I first heard about AAB in my second year at University – when we were invited to the annual placement applicant night held here at the office. Having carried out some prior research, then upon speaking to the different managers throughout the departments on the night – I left knowing that AAB was my top choice for my placement year. Moving forward a (very quick) year – I can now say that I have settled well into my role as placement student within the firm as a whole but also into my department – Accounting Services.

My first week was inevitably an information overload – adjusting to a new professional environment, getting to know all the new faces around me as well as getting my head down to all the new work ahead of me. However, being placed in Accounting Services I feel I was able to hit the ground running, down to the fact that a lot of my work involves year end accounts prep, something I have covered in depth at Uni. Being able to translate what I’d learnt at University into my real-life work here at AAB gave me confidence in what I was doing enabling me to easily settle into the department.

Over the following few weeks I continued to grow in confidence and ability, both through experience and the continued support of those around me in the department, who always appreciate questions and are happy to help. I started to become acclimatized to various software’s used in the department, for year-end accounts prep, cloud accounting or processing invoices – all of which were new to me upon starting placement. Being involved in other projects within the department – such as the launch of new software - has also been rewarding as it’s given me an increased insight and understanding of the software prior to launch, putting me on par with those around me in the department.

My time at AAB is flying by, and now looking back my first 2 months I can appreciate the importance of them – for laying down the foundations for my development in terms of knowledge, transferable qualities and interpersonal skills. Having the full support of those around me in the department from the get-go was great as it eased me into the department and got me involved in various AAB/AABi events within and out with the office, allowing me to get to know people throughout the office.

I’m hopeful that as my placement progresses, so do I – meaning I will continue to learn and gain experience in Accounting Services before January when I move department - enabling me to start the progress again and build valuable skills and knowledge in a completely new area of the firm that will no doubt benefit me upon my return to RGU next autumn and then my career thereafter.

Scott Fleming, Placement Student 2018/19