Wednesday, 12 September 2018 07:35

A year in the life of a Graduate

Whether you are finishing up at university, returning from a previous placement position or facing a new experience/job all together, starting your new graduate position can be a nervous event. Your first week at AAB however is a great way to settle those beginner nerves as you and your fellow graduates and placement students are welcomed to AAB.

During this first week you are introduced to your new department, teams and AAB as a whole through various presentations, activities and training sessions which are provide a great opportunity to get to know your fellow graduates as well as the various teams you will be working with across the firm. This first week is closed by a day spent volunteering at a local charity or organisation across Aberdeen, an initiative that AAB provides to all staff throughout the year. While this is a great opportunity to help the local communities, it also provides you as the new graduates a day out of the office environment and a chance to get to know one another, settle any remaining first week nerves (which I guarantee will all but be gone by now) and get settled into the AAB way of life before getting stuck into work over the coming year.

Following this initial introduction week you are then given a proper opportunity to meet your respective departments and get settled into your new teams. This might involve some further training or getting stuck in with some client work. For me, I joined the audit department and following a brief recap, I was out on a client audit. Whether it is your first week or coming round to the end of your first year there is always plenty of people ready and willing to help, allowing you to get stuck in with plenty of client work, which as you progress through your first year and very quickly given more and more responsibility, helps to present new learning opportunities and challenges, giving you a good starting in your accounting career.

After the first few months of work fly by, as a new graduate you are then faced with starting your professional exams, whether that be ICAS, ACCA or so on. This can be a nervous time as it can be a completely different learning experience to university. As for many, including myself it was the first time I had to balance work and studying together. However at AAB you are provided around five weeks away from the office across your first year to provide you with ample time to attend classes and sit/study for the exams. While requires plenty of hard work to sit these exams, it is often part and parcel with this line of work, being provided sufficient time away from work and office life to study can go a long way to helping receive those pass marks.

Finally throughout your first year at AAB there is plenty of extra social activities that are held across the year, whether it be office night ins, sporting activities or volunteering days around the local communities. These are a great way to relax from day to day work as well as provide the opportunity to catch up with fellow graduates or even meet new members of staff from other departments.

As I approach the end of my first year and look ahead to the new challenges and experiences that being a second year graduate will hold I can only recommend that AAB provides, for any new graduate a great opportunity to study, learn and work as you start your new career in accounting and finance.

Caleb Wake, Graduate Trainee