Thursday, 05 July 2018 10:36

Joining Accounting Services

When I joined AAB back in June 2016, I have to admit, I did find the first week quite overwhelming - as is the case any new job of course. Having to learn all these new faces in a new department and getting to grips with learning how to do everything, and not to mention having to cope with working full time, which was quite a shock to me coming straight from school and never having a full time job before! It was a challenge, but I felt I was ready for it and I was excited to get started.

I quickly discovered that no two days were ever the same. Right from day one I was working on real jobs for clients which gave me a true insight into what working in the AAB Accounting Services department was like. As weeks and months went on, with the help of everyone in the department, my knowledge, understanding and confidence in Accounting Services continued to grow, and I felt more and more comfortable in the my role which made my job so much more enjoyable.

Throughout my time in the department I have been able to work with so many different clients of all different sizes that operate in wide range of sectors which has allowed me to gain so much experience and expertise. My work varies day to day but it also dependent on the time of the month. For example, during the first week of every month I spend the majority of my time preparing management accounts for clients. Then usually around the last week every month my tasks usually consist of preparing and finalising VAT returns before their submission deadline. On a weekly basis I also keep clients’ bookkeeping up to date on our cloud accounting software, Xero, and I also get the opportunity to prepare year end financial statements.

There is such a friendly atmosphere within Accounting Services which is ultimately down to the people I work with. Everyone is always really supportive and happy to help with anything. We also all look forward to our department nights throughout the year which are always so much fun and allow everyone to get together outside of work.

Now, almost 2 years on, I am completely settled within within the department and the firm overall. I feel so much more confident in not only my work but also in myself. AAB is such a great firm, I really enjoy what I do and I look forward to my future ahead.

Katie Youngson, Accounting Services Trainee