Thursday, 07 June 2018 07:56

From Rugby Pitch to the Office - The importance of work-life balance

It can be quite a change going from a student lifestyle to starting your first full time job, especially when you want to maintain a work-life balance around a full time working week.

I work in the audit department at AAB, where every day can be very different. Whether I am working in the office or out at different client’s premises, there really is no typical day! Alongside this, I am studying for my ICAS exams.

Since leaving school, I have always been very passionate about pursuing a career within accountancy and becoming a Chartered Accountant. I was always determined to focus solely on this goal and achieve it as quickly as possible - this was before playing rugby became a huge part of my life. Whilst at university I started playing for Scotland Women. I trained most days whether I was in the gym or on the pitch and managed to fit university around my training due to the flexibility of my studies but when I began my accountancy career, I knew this had to be my priority as rugby was still an amateur sport for me. However, since becoming an audit trainee in 2016 I have gained another 10 caps playing for my country, being part of both the 2017 and 2018 Women’s 6 Nations team.

This has been a different challenge where I am now looking to fit training around my work and also ICAS studies. Before starting, I had always questioned my ability to continue to play at the same level alongside my career, however, at AAB there has been a huge amount of support for all aspects of the job, my studies and my training. Whether this is day-to-day in audit or preparing for my ICAS exams and planning accordingly to allow me to continue playing at the highest level of my sport, there has always been someone there to help. Working towards a successful career is a goal I set since leaving school, however, being able to play rugby alongside this has been hugely important to me, and has been a massive motivation both in and out of work.

Not only have I learned the importance of managing my time, but I am also learning how to plan better and to be more efficient with my plans. Whether it’s studying first thing in the morning, working through my lunch and training straight after work, I am continually motivated knowing there are rewards at the end of it all.

Emma Wassell, Audit Analyst