Wednesday, 02 May 2018 09:46

Relocating From London

One day I was a city girl pounding the pavement around the square mile on my daily commute.

The next my husband comes home proudly brandishing a contract for his dream role in Aberdeen.

Surprised would be an understatement. But not being one to shy away from an adventure, we decided to go for it.

Within a matter of weeks I arrived in snowy Aberdeen in the depths of winter. It did cross my mind more than once what on earth I had got myself into by moving to what felt like the edge of the world (I know), and I wondered whether I would ever be able to replicate the career path I had been carving for myself down south.

Having done my research ahead of time, I had managed to arrange interviews with some of the biggest and most well respected firms in the city. But how would Aberdeen compare?

And after having met them all I can honestly say that AAB stood out by a mile. Friendly, open, knowledgeable, modern and forward thinking. All wrapped up in some lovely offices the likes of which I’d barely seen in London.

I was absolutely thrilled when AAB offered me a place in their Wealth team. And just over a year later I still feel the same way. It is a pleasure to work with a bunch of people who all have such great knowledge of their subject, and aren’t afraid to collaborate and support each other when the occasion calls for it.

The business is modern and open to new ideas, which I think reflects in the range of clients who are attracted to working with us.

We are social and charitable, even having a day a year out of work to devote time to our favourite charity. There is huge importance placed on personal and professional development which is refreshing.

A year on I am so happy to still be working in Aberdeen, and living in the glorious Aberdeenshire countryside. My morning commute on the Northern Line has been replaced by a scenic drive past fields, woods and spring lambs; and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Jenny Madhoo, Paraplanner


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