Life at AAB

When you work at AAB you’ll be rewarded with what we call the 'AAB Difference'...

At AAB we pride ourselves on providing each individual with an inspiring career opportunity. Whatever route our people choose, their personal development is always our number one priority.

Our diverse nature and extensive service offering means that we are able to offer exciting opportunities which encourage collaborative working across the numerous teams within our firm.

AAB practises open and direct communication with its employees. We believe skills and abilities are enhanced by good working relationships, which, in turn, contribute to the foundation of a strong and healthy work place. You will find we take our responsibility to provide good working conditions, pay, benefits, and personal growth and development opportunities very seriously, but most importantly we like to have fun! Each year our dedicated Social Club create an annual calendar of social and sports events, encouraging our people to get involved by promoting healthy living and organising further opportunities for us to socialise with our colleagues. In addition, through AABi, staff across the firm throw themselves into fundraising activity every month. We also encourage all employees to volunteer for charitable projects and they are provided with a day of volunteer leave per annum. By giving employees the opportunity to dedicate an entire working day on full pay to assist with supporting events in our community we enhance the ability of our community to fulfil its potential.

We value an open culture where people are prepared to give and receive constructive feedback. We encourage people to contribute ideas that improve the business – we want everyone to be part of the team. We want to be thought of as professional, the best at what we do and focused on delivery.

In summary, we are a very sociable firm, which means that when you are part of our successful team you'll not only be provided with intellectual challenges, a stimulating work environment and opportunity to work with interesting people, but you'll also develop good relationships in a healthy workplace where you're encouraged to participate in numerous social, sports and fundraising events with everyone in the firm.

For more information see 'Our People Qualities'

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