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BLOG28th Sep 2017

In what is a continually challenging market, successful businesses need to be cost aware whilst seeking more competitive efficient ways of working.

In Human Resources, management of expenses and benefits is becoming increasingly complex where employers must be constantly up-to-date on regulations in order to control and reduce employment costs, while maintaining or enhancing employee benefit levels.

AAB specialist “Expenses & Benefits” training course is positioned to support businesses to prepare, plan and control costs through the efficient management of their expenses & benefits systems.

This course is designed for Human Resources professionals or anyone responsible for employee compensation and benefits packages and will support those looking to:

  • Understand the general tax and NICs rules of expenses payments and benefits in kind for employers and employees
  • Comprehend the processing and recording requirements of expenses and benefits and correctly prepare the appropriate reporting for HMRC
  • Gain confidence in conducting discussions and negotiations with HMRC
  • Review their expenses and benefits systems
  • Identify areas for cost savings or risk mitigation

The course will also provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the tax and NICs treatment of expense payments and benefits in kind.  It will include coverage of annual amendments to statutory rules impacting systems and processes, allowing employers to plan for the financial year ahead.

AAB’s “Expenses & Benefits” training course will be running on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at AAB’s flagship offices at Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells.

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