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Having just reached his one year anniversary at AAB, Stuart reflects on why he moved from a role he had been in for many years, what made him choose AAB, and shares some memorable gestures which to him highlight the values of AAB.

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Blog8th Oct 2021

Earlier this month, I reached my one year anniversary here at AAB. I have to say that the whole firm has really gone the extra mile to make me feel welcome, especially those in our Payroll & Employment Taxes team. Despite all the remote working and my only contact until a few weeks ago being over Microsoft Teams, people have gone out of their way to make me feel part of the team, despite being an Englishman who gloated a little at England’s great run in the Euros! Only last week I met my first AAB Scotsman in person and that has been after a year of me joining. It’s a great group of people to work with, and now that we are able to meet in person I’m looking forward to experiencing being in the office and getting involved in so looking forward to meeting people in person and what I hear are the “ legendary” AAB nights out!

So, why did I move on from a role I had been in for many years, and what made me choose AAB? There are several reasons. Apart from the obvious “new challenge” which most people say, I was looking for something different where I could make an impact and a difference. Throughout my career I have always had a lot of flexibility, trust and autonomy to make decisions and operate without restriction. I was looking for something with that but also with an edge that I could take to the market. When I met the AAB team I instantly felt comfortable and had that gut feeling that these were people I wanted to work with. After discussing how the Payroll & Employment Taxes team operate, it was clear to me that AAB had that edge I was looking for… actually, in my opinion, they had a lead on the market in the accountancy practice sector space. My mind was made up and after presenting to the board on why I was the right fit for the team, the path was set for me to join the firm.

Now turning to my role at AAB, predominantly this is to further develop the AAB footprint in London and the Central Belt together with providing support to the wider Payroll & Employment Taxes management team. Our London team is expanding rapidly and I recently had the opportunity to help bring key people to the team which has resulted in our London office soon to be acquiring larger premises, contrary to where many firms are downsizing their London operations. It’s been exciting building up the London team to complement our very strong, high-performing teams in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I am delighted to say that since joining, thanks to a fantastic team effort we have had many successes with notable new client wins across a range of sectors: Professional Services, Financial Services and Technology together with Public Sector and some high profile government appointments. The variety of clients provides the opportunity to meet diverse and interesting people from all cultures and no two days are the same; there’s always something new.

As the latest set of restrictions start to ease (hopefully!) I am really excited looking ahead to 2022 as I believe we are in a great position to develop all sectors and approach many more businesses across the UK. Thanks to a lot of businesses adopting a hybrid working approach like AAB, it does present opportunities to meet people face to face or virtually still, and for us to explain and demonstrate where we at AAB have an edge, and that we can deliver a fantastic client service from any location.

And finally, just to reflect on a few lovely gestures in the past 12 months that highlights to me the values of AAB and the focus the firm place on its people: that gift at Christmas delivered personally for many, the drinks delivery for the virtual Christmas party (I’m so looking forward to the real thing!), and a gift voucher presented on your birthday! Small gestures I know, but it’s sometimes the little things are that what defines the values of a great firm to work for!

By Stuart Law, Payroll Director

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