Life at AAB: The day job, Trustee position and family life

Lesley Connon's shares what role as a Trustee of the Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) involves, and some of her highlights from the last 22 years.

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Blog10th Jun 2021

In 1992 I joined a local accountancy firm as a placement student and on my first day I was advised I was going to be in the Tax Department for the first 6 months. I’m not going to lie, I was very disappointed! I loved accounts at school and university and had hoped to be in the firm’s accounts department. However, its funny how things change as after being there a few months I began to realise I really enjoyed Tax (who knew!). I ended up spending my entire year in the department and when I was offered a graduate job I jumped at the chance!  Nearly 30 years since starting my placement, here I am still working in a very unexpected career in Tax.

Last month marked 22 years of working at AAB. I joined in 1999 as a Tax Supervisor, initially my role meant I was exposed to all areas of tax including personal tax, corporate tax, VAT and payroll which gave me a great overall awareness and understanding.  However, as the firm grew and service lines developed, over the years my role changed and it has allowed me to specialise in the areas I enjoy most: Corporate Tax and Capital Allowances.

During my 22 years at AAB, I have had 2 children who are now 16 and 21. The invaluable support I received from AAB when they were younger enabled me to be a Mum whilst still having and developing a career, as I was promoted to Manager in 2002 and Senior Manager in 2007. I never once missed a school show, parents evening or sports day and I was allowed to change my hours over the years to ensure it fitted round our personal circumstances at that time. This support and flexibility always meant that I wanted to try and do my best in return.

But my career and life at AAB are so much more than just the day job.

In 2019 the firm invited applications from staff to join the Bboard of Trustees of the Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi). AABi is the platform that allows us at AAB to give back to our operating communities. We welcome funding applications from local charities and group who are looking for financial assistance or volunteer hours. This was something I was very interested to be involved in and following submission of my application I was delighted to be offered one of the positions.

The role means I am involved in the decision of where funds are allocated and have been lucky enough to meet some of the recipients. This is definitely part of the role that I enjoy the most and have found it so humbling. I have met some amazing individuals and community groups who are honestly just some of the most selfless people. I am hoping that as we are coming out of this pandemic, we can look forward to meeting more of the recipients to see directly how the AABi funds have benefitted them.

And of course, my life at AAB wouldn’t be what without the people I work with. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the highlights of working at the firm is the people I work with. I have worked with many of them for a number of years and they definitely keep me going when times get tough. As well as the support we all give each other in the working environment its the little extra things like buying you a giant cookie to cheer you up on the day your sister emigrated, sending flowers when your dog passed away and taking you for lunch the day your daughter went travelling for a year that make you realise they are not just any old work colleagues, they are AAB colleagues.

By Lesley Connon, Corporate Tax Senior Manager

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