Chantelle Martinez

Chantelle Martinez

Expatriate Taxes Manager


Employment Taxes, Payroll


Manpower & Recruitment, Oilfield Services



Chantelle is a manager within the firm's Payroll and Employment Taxes Team, with specialist knowledge in Expatriate & International Taxes.

Chantelle uses her expertise to provide invaluable advice to clients on how to manage their employer tax compliance obligations for those working internationally. This includes high level risk assessments in various countries for tax and social security purposes, not only from an employer perspective but that of individual employee (i.e. residency assessments and advice on personal filing obligations).

Areas of Expertise: Tax Policy, Expatriate Taxes, Modified Payroll, Double Tax Management, Residency.

Work Highlight: Becoming part of a team who truly ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to teamwork. Every member of the team is supportive and willing to lend a hand wherever they can. I am proud to be part of a team who are continuously pushing for better, whether it be in terms of client delivery or personal development.

Quote to Live By: “You do you, the rest will follow”