Stephen Lawie

Stephen Lawie

Software and Systems Senior Manager


Systems & Software

Specialising in SQL data mining, system integration and process mapping, Stephen is responsible for designing the integration between various accounts and logistic software and process mapping and automation internally and for clients.

Areas of Expertise: Data Flow Architecture, Process Mapping, System Integration, System API, Software Development.

Work Highlight: Being part of the team who designed, build and implemented our system for synchronising thousands of employees worldwide daily timesheets with our own system and processing the data for tax calculation, returning it when complete to the client for their payroll.

Favourite Destination: Having the opportunity to travel to Mexico and assist a services company with their data integration as they start operating worldwide was amazing. The part of the country I managed to see was beautiful, the people were welcoming, friendly and great to work with. The culture and food were fantastic, and I would love to go back to explore it further.