Lauren McIlroy

Lauren McIlroy

Virtual Finance Function Director


Business Advisory Services, Virtual Finance Function


E&P, Energy, Food & Drink, Oilfield Services, Public Sector & Not For Profit



Lauren is the Director of AAB’s Virtual Finance Function (VFF), working with our clients to provide a bespoke, automated solution for UK and international clients.

Lauren works closely with her clients to deliver strategic, financial direction for their business and giving them time back to concentrate on growth.

Areas of Expertise: International Accounting Standards, Automation, Financial Processes & Controls, Cloud Accounting.

Work Highlight: The opportunity to grow and build the VFF team and services. I work with an exceptional team and that never gets old!

Favourite Hobby: I love to bake. My granny taught me when I was 3 and I have carried on baking ever since. I love the methodical nature of it and that you always have something beautiful at the end.