Fundraising for charities and other worthy causes has always been a key part of life at AAB. Through AABi, we look for applications to our quarterly grant funding programme (information on application criteria and dates can be viewed here) and we are actively committed to supporting local charities across all of our communities which range in size, type, requirement and user groups.

It is the staff of AAB who make the work AABi does possible – not only do they deliver all of the volunteer time but all grant funding is raised by them. Each year our staff throw themselves into a variety of fundraising activities and they all make a huge effort in raising money for worthy causes. Along with the usual bake sales, race nights, wear a colour to work day and quizzes, we have participated in VSA’s Sing Sing Sing fundraising competition, hosting weekly ‘Lottery’ draws in the office, sponsored sky-dives and sports events.

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