Funding Criteria and Terms & Conditions

The Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative is open to receiving applications for funding or volunteer time in accordance with the funding criteria/terms and conditions as specified in points 1-12 below.

1. The purpose of the Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) is:

To invest in the communities in which the Anderson Anderson & Brown Group of businesses operate through the provision of financial and/or other support to further the aims of:

  • prevention or relief of poverty
  • advancement of education
  • advancement of health
  • advancement of citizenship or community development
  • promotion of religious or racial harmony
  • promotion of equality or diversity
  • advancement of environment protection or improvement
  • advancement of animal welfare
  • relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

2. Generally, grant applications will only be made to charities, individuals and community groups who live in/are based in Scotland, (see AABi Purpose at 1 above). However, we welcome enquiries from UK-wide causes with local branches, contact

3. Consideration for grants will only be given in line with the AABi aims at 1 above. Please see below details of things we will not fund:

- a. Salaries/volunteer expenses

- b. Home improvements (windows and doors/extensions)

- c. Holidays abroad/fundraising trips abroad

- d. School trips abroad

- e. General operational costs

- f. Televisions

- g. Rent/rates for premises

- h. Driving lessons for parents/carers

- i. Medical treatment abroad

- j. PTA’s (Parent Teacher Associations)

- k. Sporting events for individuals or charities to participate in

- l. CIC’s (Community Interest Companies)

4. The AABi Trustees reserve the right to consider all grant applications individually and on their own merit and from time to time add to our main grant making criteria

5. Applications can only be accepted from organisations which have not applied for funding in the last 12 months

6. All charities applying for local community grants must be a registered charity

7. Favourable consideration will be given to those projects which directly benefit a number/large number of people and/or positively increase the quality of their lives

8. The grant should be capable of having a clear and meaningful impact, for example:

- a. Small charities where the contribution amount is significant relative to the charity’s size

- b. Larger charities with identifiable project opportunities that AABi could put its name to

- c. Projects which include the opportunity for AAB employee(s) involvement through the AABi volunteering programme

- d. Local organisations where AABi can have a visible impact

9. Grant applications must be accompanied by the most recent annual review and audited accounts of the organisation seeking the grant

10. A governance structure should be in place to allow AABi to monitor the impact of the investment

11. Where an application has been successful, allocated funds should be used for the original purpose stated in the application

12. Where an application has been successful the grant funds awarded are only held for a period of 12 months. Thereafter, AABi reserves the right to withdraw the allocated funds

Timing of Applications:

Applications are submitted on an ongoing basis. The board of trustees meets four times a year after each grant deadline and will reply to successful and unsuccessful applications shortly thereafter. Applications should be received by the specific deadline date (dates of the meetings can be confirmed by emailing

13. Grant Deadlines

Grant Round DeadlineTrustee Meetings & Replies to Applications
31 December Early January
31 March Early April
30 June Early July
30 September Early October